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Space Perspective: Travel to Space in a ballon

Space Perspective, a $125,000 balloon ride to the stratosphere in 2024

Founded by space travel experts jane poynter and taber maccallum, florida-based space tourism company Space Perspective wants to be world’s first company offering passenger rides to the stratosphere, on a balloon. the price? USD $125,000 per person. For comparison, Virgin Galactic currently charges $450,000 per seat on its suborbital flights. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, which also offers suborbital rides, has not released general pricing details yet. Space Perspective just released artist’s illustrations of the interior of Spaceship Neptune, which will include 360-degree panoramic windows and even a restroom with a view.

The newly unveiled interior of Space Perspective’s balloon-borne stratospheric capsule.
Another configuration of the interior of Spaceship Neptune’s cabin.
Also included in the capsule’s “Space Lounge” will be a telescope, interactive screens and decorations such as floor lamps and plants.
$125,000 cost per seat will let space fans enjoy a six-hour journey out of Earth’s atmosphere.

YouTube: The Space Perspective – Spaceship Neptune

Project Info:

Name: Space Perspective

Founded by: Jane Poynter and Taber Maccallum

Trip Cost: USD $125,000

First Trip Expected: 2024

Photo credit: Space Perspective